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Hello! I'm so glad you've found me here. A quick introduction:

I'm a children's book author, illustrator, and sometimes designer. I'm also a wife and mother, a crafter without a proper space, and a once-upon-a-time farmer/beekeeper/hairstylist/etc. I've enjoyed stitching together a creative life over the years and sharing it with anyone who will listen to me wax poetic about it.

I've been undergoing a bit of "personal renovation" in my heart, mind, and soul lately and Instagram's latest update has only encouraged me to pick up the pace a bit in settling into a new online home. Like many, I have a complicated relationship with social media. I've been there since it launched way back when and loved the connection it provided in the early days. It landed me my first and second book deal, my work with retail stores, and many other opportunities. I might not be where I am as an artist without instagram. But social media has begun felt to feel a bit like too-tight shoes.

While I'll still use social media in a limited capacity, it's time for somewhere more comfortable for me. No more ill-fitting shoes. Just freely creating and writing without worry of algorithms. Here are some things you might find here:

  • Illustrations and various works in progress

  • The nitty gritty of creative life

  • Picture book recommendations

  • Notes from the garden

  • Art prompts/challenges

  • A peak into the cluttered attic that is my brain

  • Q&A

I will likely move at a much slower pace here than social media. Until I find my rhythm I won't be committing to a posting schedule but I do hope to settle into one. For now I'm just going to piece together what feels right as I go and I'm glad to have you on the journey with me. More soon!


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