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My books can be found everywhere books are sold. But purchasing from your local bookseller or through helps support independent bookstores. You can also ask your librarian to order a copy for your library if they don't have one yet.




Summer 2024

From the publisher:

Wednesday Addams meets The Curious Garden in this delightfully peculiar story about finding joy in being wonderfully weird.

Garden Glen is a very bland place. Every house and every garden looks exactly like the other. That is. . . until Millie Fleur La Fae comes to town.

Up on a scruffy hill, beside a ramshackle house, Millie Fleur plants her marvelously strange garden, filled with Sneezing Stickyweed, Fanged Fairymoss, and Grumpy Gilliflower. Millie Fleur finds it enchanting, but the townspeople of Garden Glen call it poison! 

But Millie Fleur is proud of her beloved little garden. So if some townspeople want to be sticks in the mud, she'll take matters into her own hands and find the kindred spirits who appreciate everything her garden has to offer.
 Millie Fleur's Poison Garden is a reminder to embrace everything that makes us wonderfully weird. Perfect for readers of The Creepy Carrots and fans of the Addams Family movies. 

The Storytellers Rule




From the publisher:

From the author-illustrator of Lucky, Christy Mandin, comes a humorous and charming picture book starring a group of exuberant writing supplies who help a young girl suffering from creative block to finish her perfect story. 

Birdie usually has no problem creating masterpieces. But today is different: her perfect story just won't manifest itself. 

But no fear, the Storytellers are here!

In this hilarious and sweet picture book, a young child's pens, pencils, and markers are for more than just jotting down ideas. They inspire and spark wonder. 

Signed copies available here: 





Lucky just might be the luckiest pearl in the ocean…or not? 
In this humorous and meaningful picture book by debut author-illustrator Christy Mandin, a pearl named Lucky sets off in search of a new home after her home is crushed by trash.

While looking for a place to live, Lucky bumps into a certain someone and discovers something even better than a shiny new shell: friendship.

Lucky is perfect for fans of Not Quite Narwhal and Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug. This story shows the harmful effects of ocean pollution and models how materials can be reused rather than thrown away. Perfect for Earth Day promotions!

Dynamic backmatter provides further details on the environmental crisis and how readers can prevent and reverse ocean pollution.

Signed copies available here: 


Untitled_Artwork 48.jpg



Summer 2025

Millie Fleur sets out on a mission to show her scared-of-the-dark neighbors the wonder and magic of nighttime and bring the dark back to Garden Glen. 



Simon & Schuster

Fall 2025

Publisher's Weekly Deal Announcement:

Karen Wojtyla at McElderry Books has bought world English rights to Bittersweet, a picture book by author-illustrator Christy Mandin, centered on Operation Little Vittles, in which pilot Gail Halvorsen dropped little parachutes of candy to kids living in occupied Berlin after World War II. Publication is scheduled for fall 2025; Adria Goetz at KT Literary negotiated the deal. 

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