Publishes May 24, 2022

Lucky just might be the luckiest pearl in the ocean…or not? 
In this humorous and meaningful picture book by debut author-illustrator Christy Mandin, a pearl named Lucky sets off in search of a new home after her home is crushed by trash.

While looking for a place to live, Lucky bumps into a certain someone and discovers something even better than a shiny new shell: friendship.

Lucky is perfect for fans of Not Quite Narwhal and Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug. This story shows the harmful effects of ocean pollution and models how materials can be reused rather than thrown away. Perfect for Earth Day promotions!

Dynamic backmatter provides further details on the environmental crisis and how readers can prevent and reverse ocean pollution.

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The Storytellers



Publishes January 2023

Birdie is having a crisis of imagination. She can't seem to get past her nemesis, the blank page. The Storytellers devise a plan to get Birdie inspired again but it won't be easy. Can they pull off their plan without getting caught and help Birdie find her creativity again?  

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